Tyler Nolan’s Booking Policy


Currently booking for February and March of 2023… Thursday’s, Fridays and Saturdays are available
I make posts about openings on all social media. Be sure to follow Me on Instagram @TylerNolanTattoos and the shops page @SunshineStateTattoo . We will only be booking for a few months at a time. Once you have started a project with us you’ll be able to get in more regularly as we allow return clients and ongoing work to have priority  rebooking.
Many times we have more requests than dates available to tattoo. We may not have time to make your tattoo the first time you inquire but this doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in your idea!

When Sending your ideas please BE VERY DESCRIPTIVE !
    ⁃    Subject matter
    ⁃    SIZE
    ⁃    Color?
    ⁃    Location on body
    ⁃    And include any reference photos of work you like

Also Please include your full name and a good phone number to reach you at!!
We run everything on a first come first served basis so the quicker you are at responding when books open the more likely you are to get booked in. If you did not make it into our books before they close please be patient for the next booking round. Also we will post if we have any cancellations, so keep your eyes peeled!


Consultations in person generally aren't necessary anymore for most projects, unless we are working around odd spaces between other tattoos or if there’s a scar.  If that is the case, we ask that you call the shop to be sure that we are available and come in during the hours we inform you of. You do not need an appointment to have a consultation but we tattoo by appointment only and do not keep consistent business hours. If you’re traveling from somewhere we can easily schedule FaceTime consultations.


All bookings require a deposit to secure them.  The deposit amount is $500 (large tattoo) for a full day / $250 (smaller tattoo) for a half day. Deposits can be transferred via PAYPAL/VENMO/ZELLE or CASH in person. 
-Zelle is to Tystattoos@gmail.com
-PayPal is to Tystattoos@gmail.com
-Venmo is to TylerNolanTattoos and the last 4 numbers of my phone number are 1405 .

So let us know what you’d like to use and we will explain further how to do so. We always hold the deposit until your last session, and will come off the total price of that day's session. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, they are transferable if you need to reschedule, please remember this when booking an appointment.

CASH IS PREFERRED , So please come prepared! There are multiple ATM’s and BANKS in the area. If you need to Charge a card or do a Electronic transfer a 6% fee will be applied.


There is a 72 hour cancellation period.  Any cancellations within that 72 hours prior to the appointment, will have the deposit withheld and you will need to pay A $250 deposit to re-book another appointment.
Please note that 72 hours is the bare minimum amount of time to cancel. Advanced notice is much appreciated as it is much easier for us to schedule someone else in that time slot.


Everything is pretty much based off of $250 per hour.. A FULL day session is a 6-7 hour piece and can be up to $2000. HALF day sessions are 3-4 hours and typically around $1000.  DEPOSIT for a FULL day is $500 and HALF days are $250.
Also, some pieces (smaller projects like hand / feet tattoos) may also not take the full day and in this circumstance he may cut some of the price from the day rate and give you a flat rate...
***This is a case by case scenario***

Tyler rates are increased to $2500 (Flat Day Rate) at conventions due to travel costs. If you are booking with him at a convention please specify which city in you inquiring about.


We ask that our clients give us creative freedom with their ideas, (I.E. Snake on Forearm with peonies)  So we can create our most fond and enjoyed pieces without limitations and restrictions.  We understand there are some things that you may really love to include or leave out, and these are always taken into consideration when choosing pieces we take on so if you would like a tattoo from us please include these specifics in your initial inquiry (I.E. I do not prefer XXX and I would like XXX) - that’s totally ok! This allows us to expand more and become more creative with each piece so they remain unique to their wearer.
Please send us inspiration photos and a clear straight on picture of the area to be tattooed.

Tyler’s focus is strictly “Neo-Traditional” imagery.  He enjoys mostly anything in that category’s subject matter. Animals, Skulls, Lady heads, Daggers, All Flowers, and Some Geometrical work can be done as well. He prefers working in color but also does black and grey tattoos when they arise.  No lettering, No coverups. NO PHOENIXES!! Just have done them to death and don’t enjoy them. Lol sorry…
Tyler will place the design’s elements how they fit best with the contour and body, this is something they won’t compromise on as the layout of the tattoo is vital to the end result looking like the work you expect. They put their all into each design which is time consuming to create so please know that everything about your finished design is intentional.


It is not unusual for you to not see a design until the day of your appointment. Please be very clear with your design requests to prevent us wasting precious time with re-designs. If you are not so comfortable with this method another artist may be better suited to you.


We like to start and finish these larger pieces within 6 months as Tyler’s style and way of working steadily evolves.


Yes we tattoo over some scars but we do require a consult in person to see what we’re able to achieve. This is important because without knowing the texture of the skin and density of the scar we’re at a loss for how to design a piece to suit.
However If your scarring is light and flat to the touch It may not require an in person consult.


We will typically only tattoo cover ups with previous laser lightening. This gives us more scope on creating a beautiful piece you actually want rather than being limited.  We do not finish off any other tattooers work. 

So let us know If this works For you and we will gladly get you in the books!! ALSO to book with another artist here at Sunshine State Tattoo be sure to Check out our website www.SunshineStateTattoo.com ! You can view our artists and their work online:) Thanks again for reaching out and we are looking forward to working with you!!